EGRESS Consultants and Services, L.L.C. offers training in the following areas:

Gang Prevention Workshop
This workshop was structured to enlighten and educate our youth and adults of the dangers of street gangs. This program targets 2-groups: youth (ages 11-18 years) and adults (particularly parents). The workshop is 1-hour long and full of reality therapy, the purpose is to focus on the repercussions of gang involvement and deal with the reality that we are losing our children to gang violence.

Staff / Community Training  
This service is provided in a closed setting for a three hour training period. This training is limited to no more than 30 participants per session. It is recommended for parents, community leaders, teachers, school administrators, law enforcement officers and officials, and court personnel. An ex-gang leader turned gang prevention/intervention specialist will conduct all sessions.

Project EGRESS Program
Project EGRESS Program is structured to enlighten and warn our youth of the dangers of street gangs and criminal activity. This 8-week program targets youth (ages 11-18 years). Every week different issues and topics will be addressed, along with assignments and role playing activities to analyze real life situations. The participants will also receive information on street gang’s prevention and intervention strategies. The most frequently asked questions about gangs will be discussed and a copy will be given to participants in information packets. All clients will be able to contact our facilitators at any time, if they have any questions. We will follow-up with our client’s every two months to monitor progress in their community environments.

Era of New Leaders Program
Schools are havens for gang activity. The school atmosphere is where most children display their traumatic experiences by having a lack of interest in school, displaying bad behavior, confrontations with school staff, and fighting fellow classmates. Student sensitivity training requires teachers and administrators to be conscious of a student who’s having a bad day by communicating with them to help the student resolve their issue(s). We feel the peer groups will give the students a safety zone to express themselves and have a voice in what is going on in their environment and their day-to-day lives. This approach is designed to establish better relationships between school staff and the students, keep down the violence, and get parents and communities more involved in school functions and activities. This program is conducted in 8-week sessions, 90 minutes per session. Each session is designed to help our youth affirm who they are, open up to other people, and build bonds with their fellow peers. Our goal is to deprogram youth who are gang affiliated and in gangs from having a gangsta or criminal mentality.

Youth Against Violence Program
Youth Against Violence Program is structured to motivate our youth to pursue their goals in life and stay away from the negative influences of the streets. The program has 8-week sessions (1 per week) that are four hours long for the youth and two sessions for parents. A facilitator teaches on the subject of the week in the first and last hour of the program. This will be an opportunity for the participants and the facilitator to do role-playing, activities, or have a class discussion on the subject of that week.

Mentor Training Program
The Mentor Training Program is structured to give relevant and reality based tools to motivate and connect with young people at-risk of gang or criminal involvement.  This program is suitable for non-profit organizations, law enforcement, school resource officers, educators and paraprofessionals. These sessions will allow participants to gain insight into the lure of gangs, ways to reach this group of young people, communication relationships, and commitment in mentoring.

R.O.O.T.S. Program
R.O.O.T.S. is an acronym for Reoffering Offenders an Opportunity to Transition in Society. The program is a reentry program for young men and adult males from 18 years old and older. This program is designed to help men who were incarcerated and convicted of a crime to get reestablished in society, without them wanting to get back involved in criminal activities.

Build Your Future – Road To Entrepreneurship   

This program is designed to give participants an in-depth look at the different stages of starting up a small business and also what it takes to build and maintain it, so it can become successful. The reality is a lot of youth and young adults may not be able to go to or want to go to college or trade school, but through what they learn in this program they can create an opportunity for themselves to become financially successful and stable in our society.

Project M.A.I.L.S. 
Therapeutic Mentoring offers structured, one-on-one and group strength-based support services between a therapeutic mentor, workshop facilitators, mixed martial arts (MMA) trainers, and youth under the age of 21 for the purpose of addressing daily living, social and communication needs. Services include supporting, coaching, life skill workshops, and MMA training for youth in age-appropriate behaviors, interpersonal communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills through martial arts disciplines. A martial artists excels because of principles, like discipline and respect for self and others. These services help to ensure the young person’s success in navigating various social contexts, learning new life skills, making functional progress and instilling discipline through martial arts. The Therapeutic Mentor offers supervision and engages the youth in discussions about strategies for effective handling of peer and society interactions.

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